The shop inside the Idea Foundry opens in a few weeks.

By Kristen Schmidt

Franklinton has art, food and beer, and now it’s got coffee, too. Stauf’s is about to open on the first floor of the Columbus Idea Foundry. There’ll be seating for 30 or so inside, plus a patio and some scienced-up gear brewing your pourover or latte.

Mark Swanson, Stauf’s president, thinks the company and the neighborhood are a good pair. “We like being in emerging places,” he says. “We did our Downtown store before anything else was happening there. We’ve been in German Village for more than 25 years. I think we’ve always been interested in being part of the growth of the city.”

Stauf’s isn’t the first coffee in the neighborhood—Bottoms Up Coffee Co-Op is about a mile away on Broad Street—but it’ll be a quick break-time visit for people who work at the Idea Foundry and nearby hubs like 400 West Rich. And it’s closer to the restaurants, breweries and smaller creative spaces that have popped up on adjacent blocks.

This Stauf’s will be outfitted with a Slayer espresso machine and Marco SP9 pourover machines—both allow baristas to (literally) dial in to a customer’s flavor preferences by customizing variables like water pressure, extraction speed and volume. (The Grandview location also has a Slayer.) So don’t be shy about telling the gal or guy behind the machine exactly how you like your coffee or espresso.

Apropos, the conversation about opening the location started with some serious nerding out.

“I just started talking to [CEO] Alex Bandar about coming in there to work on and modify equipment. We have a couple people on staff who are coffee geeks,” Swanson says. “The more we talked, the more it made sense to put something in there.”

Idea Foundry investor and building co-owner Hatch Partners is working with Compton Construction on the build-out.

“We believe getting the city’s pioneering independent coffeehouse to open inside the Idea Foundry is a win for both our members and our Franklinton neighbors. And by building this as street-level, public retail space, our part of Franklinton will finally have a go-to coffee, bakery, hang-out space,” says Christopher Celeste, Hatch founder.