Veggies and plant-based proteins are whipped into good ol’ bar food on Vegan Mondays at Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen.

By Taylor Starek

It’s true that finding delicious vegan options at most Columbus restaurants isn’t all that hard.

You can customize—sub the cheese, nix the meat, add some tofu—or find one or two vegan-designated items to meet your needs. But a whole menu, from entrees to desserts, devoted solely to vegan fare—and curated by a dietitian? It doesn’t come around often.

Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen has a corner on the market with its Vegan Mondays menu, a collaboration with local blogger and registered dietitian Lauren Blake (you might know her as @wholelivinglauren). It’s offered every Monday alongside the full dinner menu.

Veggies and plant-based proteins are whipped into good ol’ bar food, making your options anything but boring. (This is coming from a meat eater.)

Take, for instance, the Tempeh Reuben ($15), the most unlikely meat-free item.

Tempeh is marinated pastrami-style and stacked with sauerkraut, vegan Thousand Island dressing and a vegan Swiss “cheese” between slices of soft marble rye. The result is nutty, sour and sweet—maybe just a touch sweeter than the traditional kind.

All the necessary Reuben trappings are there: It’s messy and warm and served alongside crispy French fries. I don’t miss the pastrami, and I love pastrami.

Other notable options are the Risotto ($12) and the Warm Salad ($9), a surprisingly filling bowl of greens. Brussels sprouts are balanced by golden raisins, crunchy Granny Smith apples, farro and toasted almonds, all tossed in a warm maple and mustard vinaigrette.

The Risotto is creamy and rich, with white truffle being the star of this show thanks to a good dose of truffle oil. Bites of wild mushroom and al dente asparagus add texture to the stark-white bowl of grains. Trust me when I say the half portion is plenty.

And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the Vegan Coco Coffee Shake ($10) nearly indistinguishable from its dairy-laden counterpart. Vegan coconut ice cream is blended with Watershed vodka, Crimson Cup Nitro Cold Brew and cocoa powder and served à la Hadley’s, in a cute-as-can-be glass.

I’d order any of these any day of the week, but sadly, the only option from this menu available Tuesday through Sunday is the Tomato Sandwich ($10). Blake confirmed the menu will change seasonally, but popular items will stick around. So I’ll see you Monday, Hadley’s.

Photo courtesy Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen

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