The No. 2 sugar holiday is here, and these bakeries and confectioners are ready to serve

By Kristen Schmidt

Leave the malted-milk eggs and the marshmallow chicks (mostly) to the kids this weekend. Bring one of these Columbus-crafted sweet treats to your Easter celebration.


Madame Delluc

The official chocolatier to the Belgian royal family has just two retail outlets in the U.S., and one of them is in Upper Arlington. While the everyday chocolates here are excellent, the Easter treats are truly special. Pick up solid-chocolate bunnies ($9.45) or chicks ($6.45), or make chocolate the centerpiece with a chocolate hen filled with 20 foil-wrapped chocolate eggs ($53.95).

Details: You can call ahead to have items set aside, but the shop is well-stocked with Easter treats, so you should be able to simply walk in.


Patisserie Lallier

Orangettes, orange peel dipped in dark chocolate. Just one treat suggested by Michelle Kozak of Patisserie Lallier for Easter. / Photo courtesy of Michelle Kozak

The list of pastries and confections crafted by Michelle Kozak is a sugar high in and of itself. Try her macarons, available in a dizzying array of pastels, or guimauves, the fluffiest, most tender of marshmallows. Those come in flavors like violet, rose, strawberry and peach. Her pates de fruits and orangettes (candied orange peel dipped in chocolate) would also be at home on the holiday table.

Details: Order by Wednesday, April 12, or catch Kozak at the Indoor Worthington Farmers Market on Saturday, April 15 (9 a.m.-noon) to pick up a few treats for Sunday.


Flowers & Bread

This new bakery-flower shop combo is a celebration of simple things: A crusty loaf of bread, a perfectly foamy latte, a delicately layered rose. Easter-specific treats include “flour-to-flower” breads stenciled with floral patterns and a carrot zucchini cake blanketed with cream cheese frosting and a dusting of cinnamon.

And, if you’ve got the time and inclination, you can still join a class on Thursday afternoon, where you’ll learn to make decorative Easter breads.

Details: Order by 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 12 for pickup on Saturday, April 15. Limited quantities of the cake and bread will be available in store on Saturday, too.

Carrot zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting at Flowers & Bread in Clintonville / Photo courtesy Flowers & Bread


Laughlin’s Bakery

Jonas Laughlin is crafting robin’s egg- and Peeps-themed macarons, but the holiday showstopper is a lamb-shaped pound cake dusted with powdered sugar and sporting a precious ribbon around its neck.

Details: Call ahead to reserve your cake and other items. There’s no cutoff time or day, but the bakery recommends ordering before Friday just to be safe.


Top photo: A lamb-shaped pound cake, dusted with powdered sugar and accessorized with a pastel ribbon, by Laughlin’s Bakery in the Short North. / Photo courtesy Laughlin’s Bakery


Pure Nostalgia

Take a trip down memory lane when choosing chocolate bunnies.


Eagle Family Candy

Step across the threshold of Eagle Family Candy and step back to a time when the only chocolate shops were local ones founded by families. Eagle is now run by the fourth generation of the same family, and the kitchen and shop have been in the same Beechwold location since 1946. Stop by for a few Eaglettes (clusters of pecans and caramel covered in chocolate) and Easter treats, including bunnies, nesting hens and hollow baskets you can fill with your own selection of goodies. Just a few minutes in this shop, and you’re bound to hear employees greeting customers by name.


Anthony-Thomas Chocolates

Visit one of this old-school Columbus chocolate shop’s outlets for a heady array of chocolate bunnies, chicks, hens, crosses and eggs. Among the indulgences: 1-pound chocolate-covered peanut butter eggs (eat your heart out, Reese’s), “Pete,” a hulking semi-solid chocolate bunny toting a basket of jelly beans on his back, and a signature diminutive floppy-eared bunny. Visit this week, and you’re likely to encounter grandmothers making their annual pilgrimage to pick out goodies for some lucky little ones.