Jenny Rogers

Lifestyle Editor

IG: @heyjennyrogers
Twitter: @heyjennyrogers

Jenny is the former editor of Capital Style and, before that, a Columbus Monthly staff editor. As a (nearly) lifelong Columbus dweller, she gets jazzed about telling the stories of the city’s influencers and entrepreneurs, and her culinary goal is expand her palate with fare from Columbus' myriad immigrant-owned restaurants. Jenny’s fond of day-tripping, footy bars (go Crew!) and entertaining in her way-too-small but happy home. Also, ordering dessert.

Cocktail order: French 75

Three things that are always in my fridge: Eggs, kale, Mission cold brew

Favorite Columbus strip mall find: Windward Passage

If I could choose my last meal, it would be: Pistacia Vera’s rye croissant. Maybe, like, five of them.

Great Columbus-made hostess gift: A flower bouquet crafted by Mary at Rose Bredl


Kristen Schmidt


IG: @wordschmidt
Twitter: @kristen_schmidt

Kristen is the former editor of Columbus Monthly and Columbus Alive, where she also wrote about Columbus’ dining and imbibing scenes. She has a certificate in culinary arts from Washburne Culinary Institute in Chicago, and she spent two years working in restaurant, prepared foods and catering kitchens. She loves to travel (dreaming of Japan), read, cook and explore Columbus with her husband and daughter.

Strangest thing I ever ate: Minky whale, while in Oslo, Norway, earlier this year. It was like a cross between liver and steak.

Cheap lunch go-to: The Greens salad with turkey at Sassafras Bakery

The best thing I ever ate: Raviolo alla Nino Bergese at La Libera in Alba, Italy. I actually cried.

Three things that are always in my fridge: Sambal oelek, vermouth, Babybel cheese

Favorite Columbus strip mall find: Meshikou (I go karaage ramen every time)


Beth Stallings

Executive Editor

IG: @excraveeditor
Twitter: @excraveeditor

Beth is the former editor of award-winning Crave magazine, and former dining editor of Columbus Monthly and Cleveland magazines. By day, she handles all things words at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. She drinks way too much coffee (if there is such a thing), hunts for great sour beers, is a sucker for a good dive bar and is constantly planning her next getaway (typically with a restaurant at the heart of it). Beth lives in a century-home home in Merion Village with her husband and dog, Finnegan.

Go-to breakfast: Skillet

Most unforgettable dining experience: A hole-in-the-wall bar in Granada, Spain, with live flamenco music and mojitos muddled with brown sugar. Every round of drinks came with a complimentary small plate—cheese and olives, oil-poached white fish, calamari. All so simple, but so satisfying. You drink a little. You eat a little. And never get too drunk or too full. It’s the most pleasantly sated I've ever felt.

Coffee bar order: Pour-over on the regular. Latte or cortado when on deadline.

Best food destination: Asheville, North Carolina. My husband and I go every year to hike, drink beer (sours at Funkatorium are a must!), and eat. It’s a small mountain town with a big-city food scene.

Dessert: Chocolate, fruity or buttery? Good lord. Can I have one of each?

Taylor Starek

Taylor Starek

Digital Editor

IG: @starektaylor
Twitter: @taylorstarek

Taylor is a digital journalist and social media storyteller. She formerly managed the social strategy and web production for Capital Style, Columbus CEO, Columbus Monthly and Columbus Crave magazines, where she unearthed her love for the local food and drink scene. She wholeheartedly believes a weekend without a long run (Battelle Darby), good book (Joan Didion) and great brunch (Wolf’s Ridge) is a weekend wasted.

Coffee bar order: Cortado with a side of mineral water

Favorite Columbus sweet treat: The almond croissant from Laughlin’s Bakery

Mid-afternoon snack craving: Cashews

What I made for dinner last night: Chicken satay from Anthony Bourdain’s new cookbook Appetites

Cuisine I want to explore more: Ethiopian