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Story by The Editors

Welcome to Cravings, our weekly roundup of stuff we cooked, ate, drank, ogled, read about—basically anything we love and want to share with you. We hope it opens a few doors for you to new restaurants, recipes, websites and other ways of embracing and experiencing the Columbus food and drink scene.


For months before my daughter’s first birthday, I flipped through the pages of Christina Tosi’s Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, determined to tackle her birthday cake recipe for the occasion. Check that off the bucket list! I loved the challenge of the four-part recipe, right down to procuring the special gear and ingredients it called for. Which leads to my craving for this week: Cake Craft Co. on Dublin-Granville Road in Minerva Park. This cavernous space is a candyland for cake bakers and decorators. They carry the strips of acetate used to build a perfectly cylindrical Milk Bar-style cake and the big, flat sheets of primo parchment paper I loved so much when I worked as a pastry cook. You’ll also find pastry bags and tips of every shape and size, dye for tinting icing, specialty ingredients, hundreds of cookie cutters, and so much more.

Pistacia Vera


I’d like to praise something so simple, yet so perfect: the rocket salad at Pistacia Vera. Do not dismiss this bright green bunch of arugula, barely kissed by oil and acid, as merely a pop of color or throwaway side salad. Served alongside the German Village bakery’s savory brunch dishes (a personal fave: the rye croissant with smoked salmon tartare), it has a much greater purpose. With just the right touch of bitter, bright, and acid, every bite of this salad cleanses your palate, like hitting the reset button inside your mouth. So you’re always ready to appreciate whatever rich and buttery bite comes next. Further proof that a great dish is made in the tiniest of details.


I like to go out on a limb here and there, but there’s something about ordering “the usual” that’s just so comforting. Especially after a long day capped off by a hectic (and snowy!) commute. So instead of trying something new at Harvest Pizzeria, I went with my favorite: the kale Caesar salad. This time, though, I skipped the anchovies and added blackened chicken. (I missed the anchovies–that was a move I won’t make again.) The salad may have been familiar, but the space wasn’t. This was my first venture to Harvest’s new Dublin spot, which is just what the neighborhood needed: a casual spot that’s almost always spot on.


File this under Sounds-Healthy-but-Probably-Isn’t: 101 Beer Kitchen’s vegan burger. Its patty makeup is a mishmash of black beans and sweet potatoes, rendering it messy (I eat it with a knife and fork) but still plenty delicious. It’s topped with arugula, tomato and—my favorite part—a jalapeño tofu cream. The bun is a toasted whole grain bread, adding some structure to this wonderfully disheveled sandwich. I love the beet chips that are served on the side, too, which I convinced myself I wouldn’t finish. But did, of course.