Our weekly roundup of the bites and bevvies we can’t stop thinking about

By The Editors

For the Six One Fork team, this week was all about seeds, sour beers and sushi.


The art for this packet of Pippin’s Golden Honey Pepper seeds was created by Scott Bricher, an artist who grew up in Columbus. The pepper is named for Harry Pippin, a seed collector and artist.



I have no sunny patch of ground where I can plant vegetables, so I live vicariously through window-shopping seed packets at garden centers and Franklin Park Conservatory’s wonderful Botanica gift shop. Each Hudson Valley Seed Co. Art Pack is designed by a different artist. Keep the packets after you plant the seeds—you can frame them, tack them to a cork board or glue them onto blank note cards. (Or skip the seeds altogether and buy a print of Art Pack illustrations.) With names like Burgundy Okra, Cocozelle Zucchini, Coral Fountain Amaranth, Jenny Lind Melon and Pippin’s Golden Honey Pepper, your vegetables will have a tinge of poetry to them.



I’ve got to give props to Beth Stallings for continuing to push me to try new things–notably, sour beers. The first time she set a can of something sour in front of me–at North High Brewing a couple years back–my face said it all. No, thanks. I’ve grown to like a sour every now and then, but with the introduction of Platform Beer Co. to the Columbus brewing scene, I’m making a concerted effort to drink more. If nothing else, I’ll have some fun beer-tasting stories to tell, right? Platform’s already impressive draught list is chock full of sours worth trying, and I’ve found a favorite in City Boy, a Berliner Weissbier with a low ABV (3.8 percent) and the perfect punch of tart flavor. Bonus: It’s got a super-pretty grapefruit hue that’s oh-so-’gramable.


I promise I don’t just eat at Fusian. (You may think so from the photos I’ve posted to our Insta.) But, you see, I live a block away from the Grandview location, so it’s just all too easy to pop in when I need something quick, delicious and good for me, too. When I saw that they joined the poke game by testing out rice bowls at their Grandview location, I power walked on over to give them a try. The Wholey Bowl, packed to the brim with brown rice, somehow manages a healthy topping of citrus-dressed kale, roasted tofu, cucumber, sweet onion, peppers, carrots, avocado and—my favorite—raw beets. A drizzle of tangy miso-ponzu sauce and sesame seeds finishes it off. Plenty filling and fresh. I hope Fusian keeps them around.