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By the Editors

Bring us all the summer noms, whether we’re in Columbus or halfway around the world.


I’m back from a week in Bali, with so much to say about one of the most beautiful, lush and delicious places I’ve ever been. My husband and I ate a lot of fresh and wonderful food while there. I’d have a hard time choosing a single favorite meal, but I will say that breakfast turned out to be the part of the day I looked forward to most. Kailasha, the restaurant at our resort, served up a three-course Indonesian breakfast with fresh fruit, Dadar Gulung and Nasi Goreng. Dadar Gulung is an Indonesian coconut pancake, dyed green with pandan leaves and rolled around grated coconut and palm sugar. It’s not nearly as sweet as our maple-soaked flapjacks, and it tasted wonderful with our tea. Nasi Goreng, which we ate throughout the week at almost every meal, is an Indonesian fried rice, served with chicken or prawns, a fried egg, krupuk (crackers) and pickled veggies. I tend to be a sweet (over savory) person in the morning. Indonesian food is now the exception.

The Next Episode cocktail at Cosecha Cocina / Photo by Jenny Rogers


In an area of town that has no shortage of “hot new spots,” Italian Village’s Cosecha Cocina has already risen to the top of my list. One reason? The Next Episode, a tart cocktail concocted with Sauza Tequila Blanco, hibiscus, habanero and orange and lime juices. For many, we’ve entered the thick of rose season. For me, it’s time for margaritas, and this spicy twist on the classic has become my new favorite. Sure, it’s lovely to look at (hey-oh, millennial pink!) but it’s also got that ideal mix of boozy and tangy, and the hibiscus note’s a total delight.


Roasted vegetable gnocchi with spicy sausage at The Whitney House / Photo by Kristen Schmidt



The Whitney House in Worthington is a frequent lure for my family. It’s minutes from home. It’s really kid-friendly, with a mature kids’ menu, toys and crayons for wee ones. And the food is pretty solid. My last two visits have been a revelation, though. The roasted vegetable gnocchi with spicy sausage is a great dish. It exceeds anything else I’ve eaten here by a mile. It’s beautiful, well prepared, seasonal, delicious and arrives in a reasonable portion. It’s rare to find something that fires on all cylinders like this, so enjoy it while you can—the restaurant is in the habit of changing up its menu on the regular.