Our weekly roundup of the bites and bevvies we can’t stop thinking about

By The Editors

So long, sad desk lunch! Hello to a new happy hour perch, a crazy quilt of a salad and lovely gifts.


I’ve never been one to make grand New Year’s resolutions, but in January, I vowed to do my part to combat the sad desk lunch epidemic. I told myself I would bring lunch every day for four weeks and make it something I truly wanted to eat. Here we are, almost four months later and I’m still going strong. The trick, I’ve learned, is that it must have a lot of flavor and a tons of texture to keep my mid-day hunger from wandering down the street to the North Market. I’ve made two of my best lunches this week. And though I can’t take any credit for the recipes, I can tell you they are relatively simple to prep, can easily be made in a batch, and then heated up or assembled when you’re ready to enjoy. Recipe one is from local dietician and blogger Alexis Joseph of Hummusapien. Her Taco-stuffed Sweet Potatoes are colorful, flavorful, and walk this wonderful line between sweet, savory, and sour. I found recipe two from Food52, looking for a way to use up the surplus of lentils in my pantry. This Charred Broccoli and Lentil Salad came together in the amount of time it took to cook green lentils (about 30 minutes), and the tahini-based dressing is killer. Happy lunching!


I love a good hotel bar, but it’s not all that often I find myself in one in Columbus. (The exception, of course, being Soul Bar, which I adore.) But when friends suggested Buckeye Bourbon House this week, I figured it was worth a shot. Located in the surprisingly grand Residence Inn on Gay Street—I had no idea how gorgeous this place is!—BBH just may be my new happy-hour go-to. A well-crafted Sazerac for $7? Yes, please. I also appreciated the cocktail menu’s categorical breakdown: refreshing, spirituous, classics, barrel-aged, curiosities and punch. Next time, I’m going for the Lucky Strike (Old Grand Dad bonded bourbon, blackberry cordial, Ohio honey, lemon, egg white and soda). Oh, and I’m definitely hitting up the shuffleboard table.


When I needed a gift for a friend’s 40th birthday last week, I drove straight to Thalia and Dahlia, a little shop in Dublin with impeccable taste. The silk flower arrangements and copious spring bunnies aren’t my thing, but I swoon at simple serving pieces by Simon Pearce and heavy pewter from Match. I chose a Juliska bud vase for my friend and kept browsing while it was boxed, wrapped and beribboned by one of the store’s incredibly kind and helpful owners. This is a great place to shop for something special (read: things are on the pricey side) for that friend who loves setting an elaborate table for dinner parties.


Seared Caraway Salmon Salad at 101 Beer Kitchen / Photo by Taylor Starek

The waitress at 101 Beer Kitchen told me that the restaurant is on the verge of switching the menu in the spirit o spring. But I hope they keep that Seared Caraway Salmon Salad ($13.95) around because it certainly tasted seasonal. This was a kitchen sink-style dish (my favorite kind), with fresh greens, roasted beets, grilled asparagus, wild rice, mandarin oranges, pistachios and goat cheese. It’s topped with a not-so-substantive portion of salmon, but frankly, the salad doesn’t need the salmon to be delicious. The beet balsamic vinaigrette wasn’t all that noticeable either, but really, I’d order this salad without that, too.


Top photo: Beth’s desk lunches are sad no more, thanks in part to this lentil salad with a zingy tahini dressing. / Photo by Beth Stallings