Six One Fork is an online magazine that offers a smart and constructive approach to the Columbus food and drink scene. Think of us as your friend who always picks the best restaurants. We focus almost exclusively on Central Ohio because our city needs an honest champion and a fair critic. We need a nourishing space for honest dialogue.

Six One Fork is your place for discerning restaurant and bar reviews, insightful profiles, entertaining Q&As with some our city’s best chefs and food personalities, recipes and at-home entertaining advice, plus a bit of dining news.

We’ve worked for traditional media outlets like the Dispatch Printing Co., Gannett and Great Lakes Publishing. And we’ve seen first-hand how the old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. We’ve worked in newsrooms with a traditional “wall” between content and sales, and we’ve worked at pay-to-play operations. They’re not inherently bad ways to do business. But it’s not how we want to do business at Six One Fork.

We’ve dreamed of making a publication where we would be accountable to our audience and our audience alone. No matter how well editors explain to advertisers that content isn’t for sale, tension and pressure always exist. We’re ditching that part of the old formula so we can tell stories just for you.

We’re pretty darn sure Columbus craves a dining magazine that’s trustworthy, independent, transparent and doesn’t take any bull. We’re here to fill that role. If this is something you want to support with more than happy tweets and Facebook likes (we love those!), stay tuned for information about our upcoming Patreon campaign. Patreon is a crowdfunding mechanism that allows you to become a supporter of Six One Fork at any level you desire, just one time or on a recurring basis. It’s a little bit like the public radio model, only we hope to make it into a personal relationship with you, offering exclusive access and perks to our supporters. Again, stay tuned! We’ll have details soon.

Our restaurant reviews

All starred restaurant reviews have been written based on a minimum of three anonymous visits to the restaurant by a Six One Fork writer. When we fact-check our reviews and conduct follow-up reporting, we call the restaurant and identify ourselves as Six One Fork writers producing a review of the restaurant. The writer takes into account food, service, atmosphere and the overall dining experience when considering a star rating.

0 stars = not recommended
1 star = good
2 stars = great
3 stars = excellent
4 stars = exceptional

See our FAQ for more on how we define our stars and approach reporting and writing restaurant reviews.